Early Bird Tee

Size S
Color Navy
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Introducing the "Early Bird Tee," an enduring symbol of aspiration and dedication. Embrace the essence of going the extra mile, showcasing your commitment to rise above the rest, even when talent feels scarce. Whether it's part of your professional ensemble or hobbyist gear, wear it with purpose.

This t-shirt gracefully falls into place, maintaining its sharp lines around the edges, making it an ideal companion for your layered streetwear outfits. More than just a piece of clothing, it opens doors for profound conversations with those who cross your path.

With the Early Bird Tee, rise and shine with determination – because talent never beats the early bird.

100% Cotton
Fits true to size and has a "regular" fit
High-quality, extra soft fabric and long-lasting

In order to keep your new gear looking pristine, we recommend washing inside-out on a cold cycle followed by hang drying.

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