Expectation Shift Tee

Size XS
Color White
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The Expectation Shift Tee, a poignant symbol of gratitude and personal growth. This t-shirt isn't merely a piece of clothing; it's a beacon of a mindset shift – the philosophy of lowering expectations to nurture a deeper sense of gratitude.

Whether you're donning it for a personal development seminar, casual outing, or quiet reflection at home, the Expectations Shift Tee is a testament to your journey towards a more fulfilled, appreciative life.

The Expectation Shift Tee lays effortlessly, maintaining its crisp lines around the edges, making it a superb addition to your layered streetwear outfits. Beyond its stylish appeal, it's a conversation starter, inspiring insightful exchanges with those you meet.
  • 100% Cotton
  • Fits true to size and has a "regular" fit
  • High-quality, extra soft fabric and long-lasting

In order to keep your new gear looking pristine, we recommend washing inside-out on a cold cycle followed by hang drying.

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