Respectful Rebel Tee

Size XS
Color Black
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Introducing our Respectful Rebel Tee, a striking emblem of constructive dissent. This tee isn't just a garment, it's a wearable proclamation of your belief in expressing disagreement without breeding disrespect. Ideal for the office, casual hangouts, or social events, it's an ambassador of your stance for respectful debates.

The Respectful Rebel Tee cascades effortlessly, maintaining keen lines around the edges, seamlessly integrating into your layered streetwear outfits. More than a fashion statement, it is a conversation starter, inspiring enlightening exchanges with those you encounter.
  • 100% Cotton
  • Fits true to size and has a "regular" fit
  • High-quality, extra soft fabric and long-lasting

In order to keep your new gear looking pristine, we recommend washing inside-out on a cold cycle followed by hang drying.

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