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Values Driven Talks

Interesting conversations with :

Pro Athletes

Distinguished Leaders

Influential Decision Makers

Groundbreaking Innovators

Experts in Organizational Values

All about their core values and guiding principles that shaped their achievements and successes.


New episode every two weeks 




The Hosts- Lissette Noboa & Dylan O'bryne.

She is a Organizational Values Expert and He is a Exceptional high achiever. 


Evaluation of Potential Guests

We start by researching potential guests based on their values, societal contributions, authored books, media appearances, and other relevant information. We look for solid value-driven stories that align with our podcast’s mission.


Invitation Process

If we think you can add value to our podcast, we’ll send you an invitation. Our goal is to connect with guests who align with Values Driven Talks.


Scheduling the Interview

If you’re interested and we see a positive fit, we’ll coordinate two meetings: one for preparation and one for the podcast recording. The preparation meeting takes less than 15 minutes, and the podcast session lasts between 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the conversation and values discussed.


Editing and Post-production

Our team edits the recorded episode and shares it with you for feedback, ensuring everything meets the standard.


Promotion and Advertising

Once approved, we’ll start promoting the episode on our social media platforms. If you’re interested, we can also add you as a collaborator to share the episode on your personal or corporate networks, which is our ideal scenario. For special episodes, we allocate a budget for targeted advertisements to reach a broader audience.


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Frequently Asked Questions FOR GUESTS

Who is the target audience for the podcast?

Our podcast connects with entrepreneurs and business owners who are interested in learning the core values of high achievers across different fields such as business, sports, entertainment, and more.

Do you demand money from your guests?

Absolutely not! Our guests are valued for the rich experiences, core values, and unique insights they bring to our audience.

Will you ask for sensitive business information?

We respect our guests' privacy and business confidentiality. We won't request any compromising or sensitive information about your company. Our focus is on the values and insights you bring.

What is the format of the podcast?

Our podcast follows the format of video web interviews hosted on a specific streaming platform. All necessary access and technical information will be provided to our guests beforehand. We focus on sharing your values and insights through engaging, high-quality conversations.

Are there specific topics for each episode?

Our podcast covers a broad range of topics, each episode highlighting the core values embodied by our guests. We explore themes such as leadership, integrity, innovation, resilience, and community impact. Every episode offers unique insights into how these values drive success and inspire change.

What can guests expect from participating in the podcast?

Guests can anticipate engaging in in-depth conversations about their unique journeys, achievements, and the values that drive them. We provide a list of potential questions before the recording to help you prepare, ensuring a meaningful and insightful dialogue.

Can guests review and edit the podcast before it's posted?

To maintain the authentic flow of our conversations, we limit post-production editing. However, we value our guests' input and are open to addressing specific concerns or edits after recording, ensuring that the final content aligns with their values and perspectives.

How do you promote the podcast once it's recorded?

We use multiple channels to promote our episodes, including YouTube, our own website, and various social networks. We also encourage our guests to share the episodes within their networks to enhance reach. For high-value conversations, we allocate a budget for targeted advertisements to maximize audience engagement.

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